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Single Origin coffee from Mexico!  
"Mexico Chiapas Bella Vista Café del Pueblo"

Region: Chiapas
Growers: Rosalba Cifuentes, Mayan Harvest
Altitude: on average 1,550 meters above sea level
Type: Bourbon and Typica
Harvest period: December – March
Classification: SHG EP
Process: Washed 

Caramel • Peanut • Sweet grapefruit • Milk chocolate • Mango

The coffee is characterised by a full and soft body and has a sweet finish.

This coffee has its origins in the state of Chiapas in south east Mexico. Home to some of the famous ancient Mayan ruins. This is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and is ideal for growing coffee. The coffee matures at an altitude of approx. 1,550 m, which gives it the SHG (Strictly High Grown) quality label. Roasted delicately so notes of caramel, peanuts, milk chocolate and mango cut through.

Bella Vista is a small municipality in the heart of the Sierra of Chiapas, in the South of Mexico, bordering the country of Guatemala. Its population  is that of about 2,000 people. It is filled with beautiful landscapes of green highlands and rich clay mineral soil. It is also about 200 km away  from one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Mexico, located in the Angostura Dam.  

Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia, founder of Mayan Harvest Coffee, works with  producers who are family and neighbors in the town of Bella Vista in order to improve their harvesting and processing practices and in return get more competitive prices for their coffee. Rosalba works tirelessly to provide a livelihood to its members by providing them with medical and dental assistance. Her organization has grown to be around 100  producers, about 60 of which are women. She has intentionally divided her production into three coffee groups. The Town’s Coffee or “Cafe del Pueblo” is sourced from 38 family-owned farms located within the municipality of Bella Vista. Those 38 family-owned farms produce Bourbon and Typica varietals at 1,700  meters above sea level and process them as fully washed and dried in the sun.

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