TADAH kafferosteri

Discover artisan roasted coffee - in the heart of Småland.

At TADAH kafferosteri we merely roast coffee beans
produced under good conditions for both nature and growers: We only roast "Speciality grade coffe".

roasting mashine

“Good things come to those who wait” - this statement applies to roasting coffee as well.

We roast all TADAH coffees in small batches in a drum roaster.

The slow roasting process is signified by:

  • Roasting times vary between 12 to 18 minutes.

  • Roasting the coffee beans up to a maximum of 230 degrees celsius.

  • Cooling the roasted hot beans merely by air. There is no water cooling involved.

  • Developing the whole aroma potential by individual roast profiles tailored to every type of bean.

Combining these issues guarantee supreme, distinguished, aromatic and tasteful coffee!

At TADAH kafferosteri we merely roast coffee beans produced under good conditions for both nature and growers: Specialty Coffee definition:

This term is widely used in the coffee industry. But what does it mean?
The SCA (https://sca.coffee/) uses the term Specialty Coffee to describe only the highest quality green beans which have grown in special microclimates providing the best methods, thus achieving an extraordinary beverage with unique flavour profiles and character.

How can a Coffee be considered Specialty?

For a coffee to be considered “Specialty” it has to be evaluted using a scoring system designed by the SCA in which the coffee beans have to score at least 80 out of 100 points to achieve the title of Specialty Coffee.

To be considered a SP(Specialty Coffee) the beans must have total traceability, meaning that everyone involved in the supply chain must be able to perfectly identify the origins of the beans, where they were planted and which processes were applied to the final product.

The SP term refers to beans of the highest quality, that were cultivated at an optimal altitude, in the right season and that the harvesting was done with the utmost care so as to not damage the beans. In this
manner best quality coffee beans can will finally end up in your cup. This scoring is done by certified Q graders which perform a thorough analysis to the green coffee beans who then proceed to roast, grind and “cup” them. The Final Score is calculated by adding the individual scores of each of the attributes of the coffee beans.

The classification after the scoring process looks like this:

Total ScoreQuality Classification
80-84.99Very GoodSpecialty
<80Below SpecialtyNot Specialty

Source: Speciality coffee association