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Single Origin coffee from Papua New Guinea!

Profile: black currants, very soft taste, pineapple

Region: Papua New Guinea, Eastern Highlands
Growers: small-scale farmers
Altitude: 1,000 - 1,900 meters above sea level
Variety: Blue Mountain, Typica, Arusha
Classification: Grade B
Process: washed

Coffee is a relative newcomer to Papua New Guinea considering thatthe commercial coffee production in the country dates back to1926/1927 when the first Jamaica Blue Mountain seeds were planted.Making up a share of approx. 70% the coffee production is largelycharacterized by small farmers with land holdings that grow as littleas 20 trees per plot in so called “coffee gardens” alongsidesubsistence crops. The country is generally dominated by fragmentedmountain ranges, steep valleys and plateaus that are difficult toaccess. 

The typical village-based grower in PNG uses no syntheticfertilizer or chemical pesticides. Leaf-fall from the trees whichshade it, together with the skin and pulp of his freshly processedcrop provide natural and nutrient-rich mulch. In order to process hiscoffee the farmer uses either his own small hand-operated pulpingmachine or brings his coffee cherries to central washing stations. 

Scientists also believe that PNGmay still hold numerous undiscovered plants, animals, and indigenouspeoples in its lush jungles. Reasons enough to pay more attention tocoffees from this stunning and untamed land.

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