AeroPress coffee maker


385 SEK

✓ Frakt 59kr - Gratis över 499kr ✓ Leveranstid 3-5 dagar

AeroPress is an ingenious coffee tool that brews perfect coffee quickly and easily. The aeropress has become very popular among coffee enthusiasts and not without reason! With the simple hand brewer, it is easy to make adjustments in the brewing that affect the end result.

AeroPress consists of a cylinder and a piston. A round filter paper is placed in a filter holder that is screwed to the bottom of the cylinder. Ground coffee is placed in the cylinder and hot water is poured on. After a light stirring, the piston is placed in the cylinder and slowly pushed down. The water is then pushed through the coffee straight into the cup. 

It is easy to try different recipes with AeroPress, and find your own way to brew coffee.      

  • Induces maximum aroma from the coffee     
  • Easy handling - perfect when traveling     
  • Includes 350 paper filters