Coffee is culture!

Coffee houses have been a cultural institution since the 17th century - first in Austria, then in the rest of Europe, and now in all
parts of the world. Coffee connects people, creates spaces for conversations, promotes creativity, gives opportunities to let
your thoughts wander and - it tastes delicious!

TADAH kafferosteri is proud to be a member of "Konst- & kulturförening Uppvidinge".

Coffee culture goes back a long, long way. Now we are a part of this voyage.


The local culture in our home municipality of Uppvidinge is also very important to us. TADAH kafferosteri is therefore a member of "Konst- & kulturförening Uppvidinge". We have joint projects, such as the first vernissage of the artists in the old bank building in Lenhovda or the competition for the new label of "Uppvidinge kaffe". The non-profit association aims to promote, arouse and stimulate interest in arts & crafts and provide opportunities for rich art and cultural experiences in a pleasant communit

Here you can find the website of the cultural association:

Learn more on the site about this culture on

Julia and Michael – the proud ambassadors for Regional Matkultur in Lenhovda.


We at TADAH kafferosteri also feel like ambassadors for high quality coffee and want to keep its role in the society alive and strengthen it. For this reason we are a member of the association "Regional Matkultur Småland". Regional Matkultur Småland is part of a European network with today 44 regions across Europe and a total of 1500 member companies. The common goal of the network is the development of the regions by promoting local and regional food. In each region, companies such as restaurants, producers, refiners, farm shops, etc. are involved. In Småland we currently have around 60 member companies.

The printed brochure is available from all members and Småland Tourist Offices. The e-version of this brochure can be found here.

Be sure to drop by in your classic car and have a TADAH coffee.

All lovers of classic cars, vintage style, the 50s, 60s, 70s... are more then welcome!


To give coffee a special place, we have set up what is probably Sweden's smallest coffee museum. Here you will find old coffee tins, grinders, coffee machines, cups, posters, pouches and much more. Feel free to look around and take a seat next door in "Helga's Retro-Stuga" where you have the opportunity to drink a cup of delicious TADAH coffee in peace and let your eyes wander over the collection. Our small retro corner has become a popular starting point for classic car trips. In the summer months, our roastery is often a destination for various classic cars of all different types. What they all have in common is the love of the "vintage area". That's why it can also happen that you meet us in our 50s outfits and hearing some Rock'N Roll music over the loudspeakers.

Visit Sweden smallest coffee museum!

You are welcome to have a look at our collection of various things. No entry fee of course.