"Coffee design" - Project coffees

If you are interested in having your own coffee, contact us! We are passionate about coffee projects and can roast individually selected and even small amounts of your own coffee for you. Together with your own brand, you have the perfect gift for your employees, customers, guests, fans or just for yourself! Here you can see a selection of our previous projects:

The barking dog pie wagon.

A tailor-made coffee blend with beans from Columbia, India and Brazil for a food truck in Höör, Skåne. Wakes you up!

Leif handlare.

Skånerost! Very dark roasted coffee blend! 

A tailor-made coffee blend with beans from Columbia and Brazil for a small country store in Skåne!

The Mirror Factory.

Well-balanced coffee with a very sweetness of caramel and ripe fruits, complemented by a nice chocolate aftertaste. A delicious blend of Mexican and Brazilian arabica coffee beans.

Vidinge Gård.

Breakfast coffee at "Vidinge Gård: Pensionat - Fiskecenter - Restaurant - Pub - Kursgård" i Älghult.

Uppvidinge kaffe.

A coffee dedicated to our region and its 50th anniversary. Extra full-bodied coffee with a really lovely aroma. The beans come from Mexico and Brazil and the coffee tastes typically South American: sweet, nutty and like cocoa. For each pouch purchased, we donate SEK 10 to "Majblomman".

Galaxy Blend.

The fantastic new alternative Rockband from Germany "Starlight Monkeys" wanted their own coffee brand. The espresso blend for all rock lovers out there! Origin: Brazil and India.
Taste: almond, chocolate, honey and orange
Feeling: Retro yet fresh and innovative

Kernkrach Records.

A record store as we know it from the past: top selection, competence and love of music  ♥ Come by, the record store Kernkrach is always worth a visit! Buy used records and music cassettes - in Münster, Germany!

Now they have their own TADAH coffee!

If you are interested in having your own coffee, contact us!