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A unique coffee from Colombia, from the farm "La Riviera"which is located at an altitude of 1.600 - 1.700 m / a.s.l..

REGION:  Santa Rosa de Cabal,  Risaralda
ALTITUDE:  1,600 - 1,700 M.A.S.L AV.
PRODUCER: Julio César Madrid Tisnés
FARM: Finca La Riviera
FARM SIZE: 25 ha
VARIETY: Castillo, Caturra
CROP PERIOD:  September - December, May - July  
PROCESS: Black Honey

The coffee beans are treated with the "Black honey" process. The tastes that are dominant can be described as tropical fruit, caramel, strawberry and have a vinous, sweet and pleasant citric acid character.

Nestled between the Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Central,Risaralda is in the heart of the Colombian Coffee Axis. While thetopography is rough, the climate and the volcanic soil offer idealconditions to coffee cultivation. Coffee has been planted inRisaralda as early as the 18th century. Through their adaptation tothe topography and efforts, coffee grower families have shaped thelandscape in which natural, economic and cultural elements areuniquely combined. Through their work, coffee eventually became themain development driver of Risaralda. Finca La Riviera is located inthe La Estrella village of Santa Rosa de Cabal, a few kilometersnortheast of 

Pereira,the capital city of Risaralda. Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnés, athird-generation coffee grower, used to administrate the coffee farmsof his family. One day, he decided to purchase a farm to run his ownproject: promote the production and consumption of quality coffeethrough the cultivation of coffee varieties with lower yields butwith outstanding cup profiles like Geisha, Red & Pink Bourbon,Laurina, Maragogype, among others. In addition to planting newvarieties, Julio and his teams have gone through a thorough analysisto determine the ideal fermentation process, fermentation time aswell as drying protocols for each variety. After years ofexperiments, they have designed five protocols that adapt to thedifferent varieties: fully washed, natural, honey and twoexperimental protocols called “cold press” and “culturing”.

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