UTMARKSKAFFE - The Cowboycoffee


130 SEK

✓ Frakt 59kr - Gratis över 499kr ✓ Leveranstid 3-5 dagar

Recommended brewing methods:

**medium roast

Your coffee for all outdoor activities: Coffee blend with beans from Ethiopia & Vietnam

Hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, camping - whatever your outdoor adventure is: every now and then you need a break with a delicious coffee. Take the thermos with you or boil your coffee over an open fire and enjoy the moment in nature. Coffee tastes best outside!

This medium roasted specialty coffee has a flavorful and full body with notes of blueberry and milk chocolate as well as a hint of floral & woody notes. 

Suitable both as boiling coffee and as filter coffee! 

Our recipe for boiling coffee:
♥ Boil clean, cold water in a coffee pot over an open fire/embers or on the stove to 90-94 degrees or when the bubbles start to release.
♥ Put the water on indirect heat and add the coarsely ground coffee (70g per liter) and let it float to the top for a few minutes. Then stir it in and boil the water and coffee.
♥ When it has boiled and foamed on the surface, quickly remove it from the heat - as it boils over quickly and set to steep for 3-5 minutes or until desired strength. The foam should settle slightly and most of the ground coffee should sink to the bottom.
♥ Stir in coffee salt if you like. Tip: if there is ground coffee and foam in the spout of the jug, you can first pour off a splash before serving the coffee. Now it's time to enjoy!